Driver's adjusting their wallets to make room for gas prices

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Currently, the national average for a gallon of gas stands at $3.60. Despite the fact that South Mississippi gas prices aren't that high, driver's are still feeling the pinch.

From groceries to leisure activities people are having to adjust their budgets to accommodate the price at the pump.

One gas station customer said he had to lower his spending habits a great deal.

"The places that I go, the friends I visit, a lot of my leisure activity I kind of cut down. I mean luckily I get paid tomorrow so I'm filling up my tank now from money I had left from saving up," Charlie King said.

As for commuting to and from school, one University of Southern Mississippi student said she had to stop driving to school because of how costly it had become.

"I was commuting to Hattiesburg to go to school and I had to stop doing that because I can't afford it. And just kinda, work wise. I have to find a job around here. I'm not really able to do much at all anymore because it's too expensive," Alyson Hillyer said.

And it's no surprise that some retirees are feeling an even greater pinch.

"I'm retired now and any increase in anything effects me a great deal. I'm tired," Donald Odam said.

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