AG: Oil spill victims more concerned with health vs money

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Oil spill victims had the chance to talk with Attorney General Jim Hood Tuesday. Hood teamed up with the Mississippi Center for Justice to host several town hall meetings in South Mississippi to hear directly from people who are affected by the spill. He wants to know what their experiences have been like going through the claims process and what their present concerns are.

Hood was surprised to find more people were concerned with health issues than claims.

Waveland resident Laurie Lambert works in the casino industry. And although she received her payment, she wants Hood to know her concerns linger.

"It makes me sick to see little kids swimming out there in that water. There's dead fish everywhere. I mean, that alone is nasty. That's just a cause right there for health problems," said Lambert.

Health problems are something Martin Rehbein is too familiar with.

"When they started burning the dispersants out there, my lungs caught on fire. I have emphysema and COPD," Martin Rehbein said.

He is now beginning to see skin problems. He wants Hood to know he's convinced it's caused from the spill.

"These things just started coming out and this has gotten a lot worse," said Rehbein.

Hood took time during the meeting to talk one on one with victims and listen to the problems they are now faced with.

"We're gathering information in case we do have to sue Mr. Feinberg, we'll have evidence available for us," Hood said.

The meeting has helped Hood get a better understanding of how people are physically suffering from the spill.

"I'm trying to get people access to some medical care down here so they can figure out what's causing the health problems they're concerned about," said Hood.

Lambert said, "I mean there's people getting sick everywhere and nobody realized how bad it is."

The Mississippi Center for Justice was also on hand offering free legal advice.

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