Moore Community House Benefits From United Way

The United Way of South Mississippi kicked off its campaign Monday.

Along with the combined federal campaign, the overall goal is to raise nearly two million dollars this year.

The money helps fund a variety of social service agencies in South Mississippi.

"I love this place because it's small. And it's just like going house to house, neighbor to neighbor to visit," said Margie Bennett, as she led visitors on a tour of Moore Community House.

Happy children greet her as she drops by the various classrooms.

The youngsters are getting creative this particular afternoon, decorating invitations for their upcoming open house.

"They are getting ready for open house. Friday is a big day. Parent orientation," said Bennett.

The care givers seem to enjoy educating and inspiring the children here. Teaching pre school kids is for the young at heart.

"Interaction and play is how we learn. And I say we because if you're in child care, you have to put off that adult demeanor and personality and become like the child so you can understand the child and know what the needs are," said Bennett.

The United Way provides about one fourth of Moore Community House's financial needs. A primary mission is providing daytime care for the children of low income families in East Biloxi. Parents who couldn't otherwise afford private day care, depend on this United Way agency.

"I've always considered United Way to be the cornerstone of a community. Had it not been for whoever it was, God bless those good old soldiers that found out that a community fund was needed," she said.

Smiling children will continue to receive education and inspiration, thanks in large part to community donations to the United Way of South Mississippi.

Moore Community House currently serves about 75 childrern. Several portable classrooms are now being used. The social service agency plans to add some more permanent classrooms in the coming year.