One of the worst streets in Gautier gets a makeover

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - One of the worst streets in Gautier is now smooth. The mayor said the city spent thousands of dollars to finally fix Chestwood Drive after several complaints from drivers. But Chestwood is just the beginning.

Parker Gooden's home sits next to Chestwood Drive and he couldn't be happier now that it is pot hole free.

"Before the street was paved, it sounded like a wagon coming up and down," said Gooden.

Neighbors like Miranda Bull also know about the bumpy road.

"It was like a real bad roller coaster; bumps everywhere," Bull said. "It is a whole lot better, and I wish all the roads could be a lot smoother."

"This was one of the worst streets in Gautier and definitely one of the worst streets in this ward," Gautier Mayor Tommy Fortenberry said.

Mayor Fortenberry said after years of patch work, the city finally spent $33,000 to do a complete repair job. He admits the work was long overdue.

"All the time you spend a lot of money trying to patch work. We can just go ahead and bite the bullet, and resurface the streets that had been badly neglected through the years," Fortenberry said.

There are still a lot more old streets spread across Gautier that are filled with cracks, pot holes and dips. The mayor wants to assure citizens the city is now working to fix those road problems this year.

"This mayor and council, we passed a bond, $2.5 million bond, and that is what we are doing," Fortenberry said. "We are going to these areas that have been neglected and bringing them up."

Fortenberry said the city even has a prioritized street list that will help work crews get to the worst streets as soon as possible, so drivers won't have that headache.

"There is going to be a lot of changes in Gautier and there are going to be a lot of smooth roads."

Gautier City Manager Sidney Runnels said the plan is to fix more than 30 streets throughout the city this year.

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