South Mississippi deserves to be in the national spotlight.

A handful of events in south Mississippi each year bring us the kind of national exposure we thirst for. One of those events is this week. Instead of focusing on oil spill damage, or Katrina's catastrophe, TV cameras will shine brightly on a gorgeous golf course, and our southern hospitality.

You may not be a golf fan. You may never watch the Golf Channel. But millions of people do. And later this week, they'll see the stars of yesteryear tee it up at Fallen Oak in the second Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic.

I hope you realize thousands of hours of planning have gone into this tournament. And now an army of volunteers is ready to welcome golf's biggest names from the past to one of south Mississippi's most beautiful golf layouts.

Last year, David Eger won the inaugural Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic in the rain. Our hope is that Mother Nature cooperates this year. After everything we've been through, our community deserves to sparkle in the national spotlight.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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