Racially divided churches come together for worship

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The wall of segregation that separated a white and black church in Jackson County was torn down Sunday night. Pastor Eric Brown and Pastor Eric Camp practiced what they've been preaching lately and that's erasing color lines in the church. For the first time, Oasis Church and Lighthouse Apostolic Church of Faith joined together in worship and the main focus was unity.

It was lively at Oasis Church in Pascagoula. Hundreds of folks packed this building eager and excited to praise God. The chairs at Oasis are usually dominated by whites, but for the first time black parishioners from the Lighthouse Apostolic Church of Faith came here to join in the worship and express a desire for unity.

"There is no white church there is no black church, there is one church. We are just coming together, being in one mind and one accord," said pastor Eric Camp.

While each church's own style of worship and praise was still reflected throughout the service. The message remains the same; there's power in coming together.

"Let's see Jesus get the glory when his church comes together, like what is happening right now," Camp said. "Let's see the devil defeated when we worship in unity."

The members at this Sunday service agree there shouldn't be racial barriers at church.

"That is the last place we want them and that is where they are," a church member said.  "So, I think it is really important. It does not matter what your race is as long as you believe in God."

"It is different, but it is good to have diversity and see how other people praise the Lord," church member Rocky Evans said.

Pastor Eric Camp and Eric Brown said these are just the first steps to close the racial divide on Sunday. The hugs and handshakes between races during church service show that change is already taking place.

"I hope you are ready for what God is about to do."

There were more than 600 folks who attended church. Pastor Camp and Brown said they are already planning their next joint church service to hopefully reach more people.

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