Seabees Return Home

After months of being apart, some families reunited Saturday. More than a hundred Seabees returned to Gulfport this after deployment overseas. Many of those returning were members of NMCB 26.

"I just woke up anxious and excited because I knew my dad was coming home," said Kaylee Romero. The eleven-year-old counted down the moments until her father came home. He will be one of 136 Seabees returning from deployment in Rota, Spain.

Kaylee's sister Jasmine can't wait either. She especially misses her daddy's cooking. She held a sign that said so. Their mother Lucy laughed as she read Jasmine's sign...she admits it wasn't easy being a wife with a deployed husband.

"It was mommy and dad at the same time. It's been pretty hard," Mrs. Romero said.

Finally, the moment the Romeros have been waiting for arrives. The plane touches down, and the Seabees step off the plane.

LeRoy Romero embraces his daughter. Little Jasmine joins in...along with her mother. It's been five months since they've hugged.

"This has been a very difficult deployment for me because of all the circumstances, not knowing what was going to happen. And just worrying, and not so much worrying about us, but worrying about everybody back home, with all the different terrorists going on," LeRoy Romero says.

But many fears are put to ease as these Seabees return back to the states. There are tears plenty of tears falling and emotions running high.

Carla Johnson said she was "very excited, very nervous, there are so many emotions. You just can't imagine."

As for LeRoy Romero, he's looking forward to making up for lost time with his wife and his two daughters.

"They've grown so much since I've been gone. I'm just ready to catch up--try to catch up and do as much as we can together," LeRoy Romero said.

Romero says it's good to be back in the states--to enjoy his family and the freedoms he helps preserve.

Many members of the unit will be off active duty by next weekend.