A Coast Soldier Reunites with His Family

A Moss Point family is celebrating a long anticipated arrival today. Kerry Lett has spent more than eight months in Iraq. His family says they're relieved to finally have him home.

He's a Staff Sergeant in the Army and is part of the one-four Aviation Battalion.

Kerry Lett got to hold his four-year-old son and see his nine-year-old son for the first time in months today. He's been stationed in Iraq since February, so his family threw a party for him when they heard of his return.

"I was very relieved...very happy," said Margaret Lett, Kerry's mother. "Cause we really missed him, and we knew he was in danger, so we're just happy and thank the Lord that he made it back safely."

"The first thing I felt was relief," said Nacoious Lett, his wife. "I cried. I went through a gammet of emotions, but the most overwhelming one was relief. He's back. He's safe."

Kerry said after being in Iraq this year without his family, just seeing them was incredible.

"It's a little overwhelming," said Kerry. "I didn't expect a whole party and everything like this, but it's fine. I love it. I'm all about family, so it feels real good."

And although Kerry's family is celebrating a homecoming today they hope other families will be able to celebrate a homecoming soon, too.

"My prayers have been answered, but just cause he's home doesn't mean I'm going to stop praying," said his wife. "We have a lot of friends over there--a lot of people in his unit that are still there, and we are still praying for their safe return."

"I just wish I could have brought all of the other soldiers back with me," said Kerry.

But now that Kerry's back, his family said there's one more important part of his homecoming.

"We're just going to give him some of the stuff that he's not been eating since he's been away," said his mother. "We've got some of his favorites so we can put some real food back into him."

Claire Nelson