Local Parents React To School Performance Results

On Thursday, the state department of education released performance levels for each school.

Bel Aire Elementary scored two out of five - which is considered under performing.

We asked a few parents for reaction.

"They need to do something about it. Education is very important nowadays and you need an education to survive. What's needed? Probably smaller classrooms, better books, more money, more money going into the school systems," said parent Heather Zirhut.

"I want my kids to get the best now where they can they can have that scholarship opportunity for them to go. Other than that, I'll have to send them to private school so I can know they're up to par, getting what they need, because I know where I came from, they were getting what they needed," said parent Lashelle Sloan.

Bel Aire's assistant principal says teachers are working very hard this year to bring each student up to par, including reducing class sizes and working with each student on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

"We've had some transient problems here in the past at Bel Aire. Quite a few people move in and out. We've had some turnover with teachers. We thought we did a real good job. We worked hard at it. We just didn't make the grade," said Bel Aire assistant principal George Black.

One school that did make the grade is North Woolmarket Elementary School. They scored a perfect level of 5, and parents couldn't be happier.

"It's great. This is the best school and I like it. That's why I put my son in here," said parent Emie Eldridge.

"We're proud of our administrators and staff, but especially our teachers. they're a treasure. They're here way past the time necessary to be here," said PTA vice president Laura Taranto.

"The winning combination for a level 5 school - a lot of hard work, dedication on the part of the students, teachers, we have a great faculty and staff , but also the parents. We have a lot of support from our parents and the community," said North Woolmarket assistant principal Sherry Washburn.

Hopefully this combination will help each coast school make the grade in the future.