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Number Signs To Guide Tourists Along Highway 90

Gulfport crews hung a number under the Debuys Road sign. Debuys Road is now also known as Intersection 27. 

Bruce Nourse of the Mississippi Coast Chamber says, "It's much easier to find intersection 27 than DeBuys Road which some people may not be able to spell or pronounce. So, it's a very simple, very inexpensive and efficient way to move tourism up and town the beach for the benefit of all the businesses."

The number at DeBuys Road is the first to go up at a Highway 90 intersection. 43 others will be hung in Harrison County, and as tourists travel the highway, they can look for numbers instead of street names. The Chamber has worked on launching the numbered sign project for three years. 

"The concept of directing a tourist to the little pink building on the corner or to the service station on the corner so many miles away wasn't good enough," says Chamber representative Tonda Yandell.

Other tourist spots use number signs to guide visitors to their destinations. In fact, one man told us he first saw them in Tennessee. 

"They had names there like Billy Ray, Billy Joe, Billy Bob... now what Billy did they tell me to turn on. They told me light three, light four, whatever and you can go right to the source," says Tom Becker of Mississippi Coast Attractions.

Before the end the year, number signs will go up in Hancock and Jackson Counties, helping tourists make their way from state line to state line.  Harrison County bought the signs and each city will install and maintain them.

byMarcia Hill

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