Local Girl Scouts Clean Golden Fisherman

The famous fisherman greeting travelers near the Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge definitely had at least 11 good reasons for his golden smile.

Girl scouts of troop 426 took out their rags and Brasso solution in the hopes of giving the fisherman a good cleaning.

But it wasn't easy.  "You can't get the shoes clean at all," said scout member Alia Pyatt.  "It won't come off most of the time and it tears up your rags. Look at that," said scout member Courtney Beville Mattina.

"The girls were looking for their service project at the beginning of the year when we got started. We got an idea from one of the parents Darlene Akins to talk to the mayor of Biloxi and they got an idea to clean the fisherman before the ceremony the blessing of the fleet," said troop leader Lisa Schreiber.

While these young ladies are helping to add a bit more shine to the Golden Fisherman, they probably don't realize that they're a part of a bigger plan. They are one of the beginning steps to help bring more people right down here to the Point.

"We have a lot of things planned out here. We have some names that are gonna be, the golden fisherman of course moved originally from the Vieux Marche area and they have some family names. This is to commemorate the fishing families of the seafood and industry museum. Plus a lot of other things. We hope to put some park benches out here and some seating and some tables and also do some landscaping," said Dreaux Seghers of the Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce.

"The girls love to get involved. It teaches them to be part of their community," said Schreiber.

And being a part of the community sometimes means performing difficult tasks, but these ladies take it all in stride and in fun.

A Biloxi city welder, Henry Gray, built the Golden Fisherman years ago. The girl scouts used Brasso cleaning solution to help the fisherman shine like new. But if he doesn't gleam to perfection, the girls plan to go back with a stronger cleaning solution.