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Spring Breakers continue their good works


By Doug Walker - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The Salvation Army in Pascagoula is getting a new look this week, thanks to some visitors from the frozen north. More than a dozen students from the University of Minnesota are spending their Spring Break sprucing up the coast.

Friday's goal was to paint the entire women's dorm by the end of the day. You could see the concentration in the eyes of the students as they went about their work. 

"I wanted to do something different for Spring Break," volunteer Taylor Jacobson said. "I wasn't really looking to go and just sit on the beach for my entire Spring Break. I wanted to really make a difference."  

While the students are leaving their mark on South Mississippi, it seems our area is also making an impression on them. Liz Ludewig was shocked to still see so many scars from Hurricane Katrina.

"We've been able to see how people are still struggling down here, and that's why we wanted to come down here and help, because you can still see all the emptiness," Ludewig said. 

Emptiness or not, the work these students are doing reaches another level of giving, according to Salvation Army Commander, Lt. Jerry Williams.  

"It gives me great joy because they are doing the work for the Lord," Williams said.  "They are serving Jesus Christ in a capacity that Jesus Christ wanted us to serve and that is to serve the people and meet their needs." 

That's a feeling shared by David Kline, who doesn't mind getting his hands a little dirty doing good deeds.  

"You just get a great feeling with all these people in need and have had some trouble recently," Kline said. "And you see the joy that they get when something gets done in their area and it helps their community out." 

And it's that kind of help these students are more than happy to hand out.    

The students have been on the coast for the past week, working on various projects.  They leave for home Saturday.

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