New Boat Launch Named For Gulfport's Kremer Family

Kremer Marine sits at the foot of Cowan Road's Bayou Bernard bridge. One of its owners is Charlie Kremer. As he walked out of his shop, he looked around and said, "What I see today is we've got a major piece of property right on a major artery which we wouldn't have had if they put the road where I wanted it."

Kremer once opposed the new bridge being so close to his Gulfport marine shop. He wanted it farther west. "I thought that was the best route," he laughed. "But as it turned out, I guess I was wrong and everybody else was right. And we came out all right. I think everybody did."

The Kremers still have their marine shop. And they have a newly paved road leading past their front door. In exchange for the road, the city and state got access to a boat launch that Charlie's dad built and maintained.

"He has always told me very few people own waterfront," Kremer said. "But everybody should have the right to the waterfront."

The Kremers originally built the boat launch in 1963. Back then, it cost $3,200. It's a lot more expensive now. The refurbished boat launch, and the newly paved parking lot under the newly build Cowan Road bridge cost $200,000 in tidelands funds.

According to Henry Kremer, a well spent $200,000. "The community has been good to us," Henry Kremer said. "We want to return it, if we can, in some way. That's what my uncles, that's what their thoughts were when they built it to begin with."

Boat owners can use the Kremer's Landing boat launch later this month.

The Kremer's Landing boat launch was named for two brothers -- Al and Marcel Kremer. They started the Kremer Marine company in the 1920s.