Golf Tip - How to gain distance

Hit the ball farther

The key to hitting the ball long is increasing the clubhead speed as well as the angle of attack at impact. One common reason for poor distance is a weak pivot. This does not allow the weight to transfer into the right side, resulting in a poor turn. Because of this, torque is not produced in the unwinding motion of the body.

Some changes are needed in your set-up to help hit the ball farther.

Move the ball more forward in the stance, opposite your left heel, and increase the height of the tee position. Use a slightly wider than normal driver stance and place your head and hands more behind the ball.

Relaxation is critical for hitting a long ball. Grip the handle loosely and remember to breathe, before and during the swing. Practice this at the range and feel the weight move into the right side on the backswing. Also, sense that extra turn.

Keeping the head back on the downswing makes you hit the ball more on the upswing in a sweeping motion, resulting in topspin and greater distance.

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