Outdoor Businesses Try To Salvage Labor Day

As they bought their tickets,  people told us after a weekend spent mostly indoors, they were more than ready for a trip to Ship Island. The boat made its morning and noon run to the island under sunny, clear skies.

Captain Louis Skrmetta, whose family runs the Ship Island Excursions, told us, "We thought we lost the weekend with the reports of the tropical depression. We thought for sure this was a lost weekend, but we were amazed. We were carrying half of what we normally carry but that's still four or five hundred people a day which is very good."

Earlier in the day the beach was one long empty stretch of soggy sand. One vendor told us it was a repeat of July 4th.

"It seems like when the bulk of our business is not here, it's beautiful not a cloud in the sky, water like glass and then soon as it gets time for us to make a little money it's like Mother Nature's goin' 'boys ya'll done somethin' wrong.' Our tourism was strong... cause in between showers people were comin out and they wanted to do stuff, but the weather just was not cooperating," says vendor Pat Pigott.

That wasn't the case Monday. It was perfect for splashing around at the water slide.

Manager Jack Duncan says, "The weather's the best we've had all week. What's wrong with everybody, now's the time to slide. I would have prayed for it, the good weather, but it didn't come so we make the best of what we get."

When it comes to Mother Nature, outdoor tourism businesses say that's the best they can do.