Ed Mayo Removed From List Of Failing Schools

Moss Point's Ed Mayo Junior High School is off the government's list of failing schools. The news comes one day after Ed Mayo was noted for not complying with new federal guidelines on student performance.

As we reported last night, school district officials immediately began questioning why Ed Mayo made the failing schools list. Thursday they found out it was a discrepancy over whether enough students took the required standardized tests last year.

"What we were challenged to do was to show that we actually did test 95 percent of our students. We had to either show that a student, who the state deemed was eligible for testing, was in fact ineligible, or that one who they deemed eligible for testing that did not test, was in fact tested. We were able to show that easily," Director of Curriculum Carol Alderman said.

In fact, Alderman says student test scores at Ed Mayo improved last year and were almost identical to scores at Magnolia Junior High.

While everyone is relieved to be off the "failing list", they know they'll have to maintain good scores in this year's testing.

"There was tremendous growth at Ed Mayo. We had double digit improvement in almost every area. The teachers and staff are to be commended for the outstanding job they did this past year on improving these test scores," said Mary Kate Garvin with the Moss Point Schools.

"Ed Mayo is on the move. We're going forward because all the students and all the teachers are extremely excited about their growth, because they know now if they can make that one step, then they can make two or three," Ed Mayo Principal Tommy Molden said.

The failing schools list that included Ed Mayo Junior High, was just a preliminary list. Next week, the U.S. Department of Education will release school rankings as part of new accountability standards called "no child left behind."

by Josh Ridgdell