Huck's Cove - Oak Street, Gautier

Huck's Cove in Gautier is a great place to fill up on food and fun after a long day at work or a day of fun in the sun.

General Manager, Sharon Cowan has been with Huck's since it opened seven years ago.

The regulars are also known as "usuals" at Huck's. Cowan thinks the customers are the easiest part of the job, but I had to ask what was the hardest.

Sharon answered, rather quickly, "the heat, right now it's the heat!"

And boy, can it get hot right on the water! But you can cool down with some favorites like one of their Margaritas, a cold beer or a good ole coca cola.

Everyone raves about the burgers. They're all served on Desporte's buns and with homemade french fries. The "almost world famous" Huck's burger is delicious. It comes with the swiss cheese, bacon and portabella mushrooms.

Cowan is proud to say, "Everything is home cooked here. Everything's made from scratch. Everything is cooked to order."

Cowan lets everyone know that "we do have a small kitchen, and you have to wait for good food. We're not McDonald's."

There may be a wait, but it's worth it.

A must try are the fried pickles. There are a lot of other items to choose from on the menu like: the grouper salad, gumbo, all types of sandwiches and much more.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the cove is usually full of boats and the decks are filled with people listening to the sounds of live music. Cowan says they basically play Blues, Jimmy Buffett and Tropical types of music.

Vibrant colors also help give Huck's a tropical feel.

"It makes people happy. When you come in a see these bright colors, it puts you in the mood. It feels like I'm in Key West or somewhere down in Mexico."

So,Come on down. Bring a crowd whether by water or land.

"We've got a good laid back atmosphere. We've got a good crew that's ready and waiting to wait on you. We've got good drinks, good burgers. Everything's just awesome," brags Cowan. "Our house rule: you gotta make yourself at home."

Huck's Cove is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11am-2pm for lunch and 5pm until 9pm for dinner. Friday and Saturday the kitchen is open from 11am until 10pm,and the bar is open until midnight. Sunday Huck's is open from noon until 10pm.

Huck's is located at the foot of the West River Bridge in Gautier on Oak Street. Call 497-4309 for more information.