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City of Jackson amnesty program

By Jewell Hillery – bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The two day amnesty program allows individuals with certain misdemeanors and traffic cases to have costly administrative and warrant fees waived. Kimberly Harper-Johnson patiently waited in court hoping for a break on her recent ticket.

Johnson says her ticket is "$950, close to $1,000." She says she received that ticket after she was caught speeding.

"It was a speeding ticket and at the time proof of insurance , the card was expired although I did have insurance, so I had to show proof of that so I got those two combined, so I guess that's why it's that high," says Johnson.

The amnesty program won't benefit everyone. Individuals with violations like weapons crimes don't qualify for the program.

Jackson court administrator Jeanette Banks says, "now, we're not doing those cases, domestic violence, DUI's, cases of that nature, crime against a person, but we are focusing on traffic violations."

Now if you take part in the amnesty program, you may not have to pay for parking, the city's bagged up meters surrounding the police department headquarters so that you don't have to pay.

Banks says, "well, it was just a convenience for the citizen because we are limited with parking here downtown so we decided to ask if we could bag the meters for that convenience for them."

Now if you do qualify for amnesty, on average you could receive at least $75 off of each violation you owe.

Johnson says, "in such a time as this when money is so tight and we're trying to do things for our families and all that, if we can be able to be cleared and save some money and allowed a second chance that'd be great ."

If you're interested in attending the amnesty program, you'll want to head to the Jackson police headquarters downtown. The program runs today and Friday from 8am until 9pm. You'll want to make sure you have a picture I. D., cash and a copy of your ticket.

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