Cowan Road Widening Back On Track

Teddy Conwill was on the phone giving construction orders. In April, he became the superintendent in charge of finishing the Cowan Road widening project.

"We're working on all three phases at this time, to try and complete it as quick as possible," he said.

Conwill represents Colom Construction. Colom was hired by a bonding company to take a stagnant road project and give it new life. Drivers have noticed the effort.

"Sometimes they'll stop and congratulate you. And then, some of them get mad," he laughed. "They ask, 'When are you all going to get through with it, it's been going on for years.'"

Conwill's answer is short and succinct.

"My target is before the end of the year," he said. "Hopefully before then."

The actual completion date depends on the weather, and on utility work. For example, Conwill thought he'd have a right turn lane from Cowan Road to Pass Road paved by now. But crews unexpectedly found telephone cables underground that had to be moved before asphalt could be poured. So the work was put on hold.

"It's tough. But any project is tough," Conwill said. "There are a lot of water problems, a lot of utilities in the way that have to be moved. They're working on those now. That's the reason it's hard to say a certain time or date."

Once the Cowan Road railroad crossing is widened, Colom should finish the northbound lanes down to Highway 90. Drivers could be riding on that side of the road this October.

Because crews are at the railroad crossing, the south end of Cowan Road is temporarily closed. Detour signs will probably be up for three weeks.