Jackson County Supervisor Race Gets Even Hotter

The candidates in the Republican race for District four Supervisor in Jackson County are getting anxious. This Tuesday their run-off will decide who will be in November's general election.

With less than 48 hours until the run-off election results, Frank Leach and Tommy Brodnax are doing everything possible to get voters to vote.

"Well today we're putting out the last of our signs," said Brodnax. "We're going around door-to-door finishing up our door-to-door effort. And we're trying to get the word out to the people to really get to the poles and vote."

"Well we spent the whole day yesterday putting up some signs," said Leach. "We certainly had a situation of signs going missing, so we are trying to replace them and make sure our name is before the public."

Leach is the incumbent. He's running against the man who held this supervisors seat four years ago.

This week, Leach ran a full-page ad in several newspapers. The ad showed negative newspaper clippings about his opponent.

"Well, I believe Mr. Brodnax's record is one of immature, irresponsible, emotional behavior in and out of public office, and the record clearly indicates that," said Leach. "So as I have taken ads out to show and remind the people of his behavioral skills."

But Brodnax says Leach has gone too far.

He said this election should not be about mudslinging.

"I'm running a positive campaign," said Brodnax. "Right now I'm concerned about the future."

Both candidates say they'll continue campaigning through Tuesday, until voters decide who will represent republicans in the November election.

The winner of this election will face Democratic candidate Steve Moore and Independent candidate Michael Seymore in the November election.