Coast Businesses Benefit From Fight

Christy Martin fell in only four rounds in Saturday night's boxing match, but the bout was a solid win for many coast businesses. Many of the nearly 10,000 people who packed the Coliseum for the fight spent a good deal of their time and money at local hotels and restaurants.

Keith Coursey was one of many people checking out at the Bayview Hotel Sunday morning. He watched the match at the Coliseum, but hit up other local businesses, too.

"I did a little sight seeing. I went and ate some of the nice, entertaining foods they have here at the casino, which is really great. The Marketplace buffet is a really nice place to go. I missed the pool because, hey, I couldn't get up early enough from having a great time last night," Coursey said.

Tony McClain was also in line talking about Saturday's fight. Tony said he's dropped a lot of money the past three days, but it was money well-spent.

"I came from Michigan from Saginah," McClain said. "So it was a long ride, but it was worth the trip."

The profits of the fight have also spilled over into local restaurants, like the Village Sports Pub.

"We had the busiest Saturday we've had all year," said John Bell, owner of the Village Sports Pub. "We contribute a lot of that to the fight. People came in before and after they eat. I'm sure a lot of businesses on the coast had the same impact. Anytime you have an event like this on the coast, it's good for everyone."

Meanwhile, Keith Chaney is heading back to the big easy, but he says you can expect to see him sitting ringside for the next round of boxing on the coast.