Newton & Hood Campaign For Attorney General

There's no doubt that come November fourth there will be a new state Attorney General, with A.G. Mike Moore deciding not to run. But the question is who will be Moore's successor.

Voters will decide between Republican candidate Scott Newton and Democratic nominee Jim Hood. Newton is a former FBI agent and federal prosecutor. Hood is a District Attorney from the Oxford area.

The public will decided if they want an attorney general with a background for catching criminals or someone with experience in making sure criminals get jail time.

"I'm the only candidate in this race that has ever put anybody on death row, that's ever tried a murder, that's ever tried a rapist, that's ever tried a child molester. And that experience is important, because as Attorney General you are the top lawyer," Hood said.

"My background as an FBI agent is the biggest difference. I have hands on law enforcement experience and we need an advocate for law enforcement and you need to have somebody with that kind of experience as a law enforcement official and a prosecutor," Newton said.

Whoever wins has big shoes to fill. Outgoing Attorney General Mike Moore drew national attention when he sued big tobacco companies and won.

"The tobacco trust fund needs to be preserved for future generations, for our people who are growing up who become ill as a result of tobacco related illnesses, and those children that are benefiting from it now," Hood said.

"We've had an Attorney's General office which has been focused on litigation and not prosecution," Newton said. "We've been focused on suing business when we need to be focused on prosecuting criminals."

For the next few months, Newton and Hood are lobbying their cases to be Attorney General in the court of public opinion, where state voters will judge. Both Jim Hood and Scott Newton say that if elected attorney general they'll open a satellite office on the Gulf Coast.