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Concrete dump creating eyesore in Bay St. Louis

(Photo source: WLOX viewer) (Photo source: WLOX viewer)

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BAY ST LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - The concrete mountain stands nearly 30 feet high next to the Washington Street pier and boat launch

Hancock County resident John McKean said, "We don't have no place to park the cars and the trailers; it's a shame. You get a few cars here with trailers and it blocks it up."

John McKean is a commercial fisherman. He said on weekends, there are too few parking places available.

Bay St. Louis Mayor Les Fillingame said, "It's very unsightly, and of course, that's been a great area of concern even for our own city council."

The concrete is supposed to be used to build a new fishing reef South of Pass Christian, but until an environmental impact study is complete, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers can't issue a permit for the project.

"Everything is kind of waiting on that survey to be completed, so that the materials can be deposited where they are going to ultimately be," Fillingame said.

Last year, builders and residents clearing debris were told to bring their concrete here. The mayor announced last month, that had to stop. But a WLOX viewer took some pictures this weekend that show the concrete dumping continues.

When we showed the pictures to the mayor, Fillingame said, "That's not supposed to be happening. I'd have no problem with our own law enforcement officers going out there, and upholding the ban on future dumping there."

With boating season about to kick into high gear, Mayor Fillingame said removing the debris pile will be more important than ever.

"That's the parking area for all of the trailer rigs that are launching their boats there," Fillingame said.

Boaters and fishermen like John McKean want something done soon.

"Just wish they'd hurry up and get them out of here, so they got more space here," McKean said.

Mayor Fillingame expects to hear about the reef permit in a couple of months. He said if the project doesn't get the okay the concrete will be used on existing reefs in the Mississippi Sound.

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