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St. Andrews community still struggling to rebuild Post-Katrina


By Patrice Clark - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Hurricane Katrina's impact is still being felt in Jackson County's St. Andrews community. Folks who live there said they're tired of seeing slabs and overgrown weeds. They want to see more neighbors move back to the area.

Beyond the heavy white fog that clouds Tantallon Drive in the St. Andrews community are a lot slabs and vacant lots.

"It is very disappointing that people are not moving back into St. Andrews," Marilyn Swanson said. 

Marilyn Swanson and Bill Canfield are among the few that still live on the south side of St. Andrews. They said Hurricane Katrina hit the neighborhood hard and knocked much of the life out it. 

"This past hurricane we had was big and bad; I mean a lot of people suffered from it." 

"There were approximately 25 homes on the South of Tantallon and only three of them have been rebuilt," County Supervisor John McKay said. 

Supervisor McKay represents this area and has a long list of reason why people are not rushing to build back. 

"Most of it has it has to do with the new building standards you have to, which arise and increase the cost of building," McKay said. "Then you have the added cost of insurance and that is much, much, higher than it ever was before. So with those additional types of things people are not just moving back. Plus, there's the threat of another hurricane hitting one day." 

The neighbors and McKay said the economy has to get better and insurance premiums need to be slashed at the federal level to get people building again. 

"It is going to be up to the state, up to the federal government to finally come to grips with this insurance problem," McKay said. 

There is also a local golf course, as well as a pool and club house that closed in the community, and the folks here are working to get it reopened. But until this wish list of improvements becomes reality, neighbors said it maybe be tough to get more people to move to St. Andrews. McKay said the county has been also working to get landowners to clean up their property and remove slabs from the area.

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