Another Group Of Seabees Return Home

They've waited six months for this moment, but it seemed like a few minutes in the heat waiting for their loved ones return was an eternity.

Pretty soon, someone saw something moving in the sky, and the rush was on.

Fellow troops gathered their welcome home beads and family members straightened out their homemade signs as the plane filled with hundreds of troops taxied down the runway.

Everyone took their final places and the procession down the red carpet began.

As the troops made their way out of the plane, Vicki Jackson stood in the crowd waiting with her two boys, finally seeing her husband.

"I am so glad he's home. I'm just happy that he's back," said Vicki Jackson.

Charlene Russell was especially glad to see her husband Eric. She's been alone raising three kids, all of whom are under three.

"It's fantastic," said Charlene Russell.

"It feels good. I got there a little late but it doesn't take anything away from the fact that I still miss them," said Eric Russell.

Guido Manzano stepped off of the plane into the arms of his girlfriend, family as well as church members, and being around them left a permanent smile on his face.

"It's great not to feel the sand underneath your feet," said Manzano.

"We're happy to have him home. We're happy to have him home," said Manzano's family and friends.

And if the troops never appreciated the saying before, they definitely know now that there's no place like home.

Another group of Seabees are scheduled to arrive home in October.