Racist Graffiti Shocks Hancock County Residents

"I'm still shocked by it I can't believe this," Bobby Glover said.

A phone call from a friend launched Bobby Glover's sign shock.

"And he said 'I don't think you're gonna like what they put on it.'"

Monday morning the candidate for District 4 Supervisor learned someone penned a message on his billboard on Kiln Waveland Cut off road. The message, full of racism and hate has left Glover wondering, who would have done this and why.

"God created us all equal it's that simple"

He doesn't believe the vandalism was political.

"My opponent is better educated and smarter than this . I don't think it's politically motivated at all."

Glover doesn't think it was pranksters either.

"They had to use a ladder to get up there, kids wouldn't have a ladder to start with."

The billboard is just a few hundred yards away from an RV park Glover owns.

"I had to run a couple of people out of this park. I think it's because I made them move, that they did this." Glover said.

Glover's campaign manager says the sign is a low blow, and the racial slur has shocked most people who've passed it.

"I think it's very sad that there are still people in our community that feel that way enough to make a public display of it," Hancock County resident Margie Toups said.

Diana Smith, Glover's Campaign Manager echoed her words.

"We have a lot of travelers that pass us on Cut-Off Road and that is not the kind of appearance we want to give as Hancock County residents. Hancock County has come a long way."

The hateful message is gone, but the pain it caused, may not fade so fast.. Glover filed a police report with the Sheriff's office. Investigators say so far they have no leads in this case. They ask that anyone with information contact the Sheriff's Department at 467-5101.

by Al Showers