Streets Of Speed - Sharp Blvd, Gulfport

Donna Cuevas lives with her family in Gulfport near Sharp and Dedeaux Roads. She asked us to bring the "Speed Zapper" to her neighborhood to slow drivers down. Cuevas says she tired of living in fear and says her street is definitely one of South Mississippi's "Streets Of Speed."

Cuevas likes to walk after work while her son and niece ride their bikes, but she worries about the children's safety as cars speed by them.

"It got so bad that I was afraid to even let them go with me."

Cuevas knows firsthand the devastation speeding can bring.

"Today, in 1988, I buried my sister who had been hit walking along side of the road by somebody speeding."

Donna's sister was only 15 years old. The accident happened on a residential street near their home in Florida. She hopes that by sharing her story, she'll save other families from the horror of losing a loved one.

"My hope was that people just watching the news would say, 'You know what? Maybe I need to slow down.'"

We put the "Speed Zapper" to work on Sharp Blvd. in Gulfport to see if speeding is a problem here. In the 20 mile per hour residential zone, we clocked 37 cars in just one hour. All but seven were speeding, and the area is still growing.

People who live here hope this story will ease the speeding as well as their worries.