Foreign Students Adjust To High School Life On Coast

16-year old Julia Werner travelled a long way to attend school at Hancock High. She arrived from Germany Tuesday night and stepped into a world of strangers.

Julia Werner said "I want to get to know the people and the country, and I want to learn the speech. I feel very excited".

With a student aide by her side, Julia got a grand tour of the campus and prepared to learn about high school life in the U.S. Julia visited classrooms, met teachers and found out where students gather every morning.

Julia said "The school looks very nice, and I think it's very big". Julia is one of 15 foreign exchange students, who are adjusting to their different surroundings on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Helge Blyberg came from Norway. For the next ten months, he will experience high school and soak in the American culture.

Helge Blyberg said "One thing that has struck me is that you eat out all the time, and eat a lot of unhealthy food, fat, fast food. That's the main thing. And you drive a lot of cars".

Those are lessons Julia Werner is eager to learn. When asked if she wanted to go home or stay, Julia answered "I will stay".

The foreign students are part of the "Face The World" exchange program. The organization still needs host families for students this school year and next year. If you are interested, just call the local representative at 363-1927.