Well-Known Coast Attorney Donates $60,000 To Boys And Girls Club

One Boys and Girls Club in Jackson County, will now be able to keep the roof over its head.

A well-known Coast attorney is donating almost 60-thousand dollars to save the Ocean Springs club from possible closure. And parents say this donation will help hundreds of children.

Cheyenne Scott's mom has a full-time job. That means 7-year-old Cheyenne would have to go home to an empty house if she couldn't go to the Boy's and Girl's Club after school.

"It's a big relief to know she has a place to go after school when I'm not home to get her. I don't want her home by herself,"  Debra Scott says.

More than 200 parents whose kids attend the boy's and girl's club in Ocean Springs feel the same way. That's why when they heard the Ocean Springs Boy's and Girl's Club was in financial stress, they got worried.

When local lawyer Dickie Scruggs heard about the club's financial situation last week...he decided to help. He says, "This is just such an ideal way for them to get their homework done, for them to get assistance, for them to have recreational activities, and just have adult leadership from the community."

"To know your child has somewhere to go after school with safe, structured activities is so important to parents. And we're there to provide the service," that's according to Catherine Glaude of the Boy's and Girl's Club. It's a service, that costs parents like Debra Scott, only five dollars a school year.

Scruggs has agreed to pay the rent on the building for six months and will help in buying the building soon. 1,200 kids in Jackson County go to the program after school. A few years ago, Scruggs also gave a half million dollars to help the Boys and Girls Club in Jackson County.