Two Young Boys Found Dead In Hancock County

Two Hancock County families are in mourning. After searching for nine hours, authorities found the bodies of 8 year old James Baker and 4 year old Kyle Hingle in a canal in the Shoreline Park community.

They believe the boys drown in the canal near the corner of Central Avenue and Mallard Street behind Hingle's home.

There was an erie calm in the Shoreline Park Community Tuesday. It was a stark contrast to Monday night, when there was a frantic search on for Kyle and James. From overhead, a helicopter looked for any sign of the boys. Dogs scoured the ground and divers prepared to search the dark waters of the canals that run through the neighborhood.

All the while, Kyle's family didn't want to believe that was even a possibility.

"I know he didn't go in that water. He's very afraid of the water. The only way he'll even go by on the dock is if I'm out there with him. Somebody would have to be with him to coax him to go by the bank," Kyle's mother Sandy and grandmother Linda Dimarco said.

Hancock County Sheriff's Deputies called in help from across the coast and neighbors did whatever they could, all the while hoping for the best.

"I drove around, my son road around on his bike, everybody from way back there was walking around and looking through the woods trying to find them. We hoped they were lost," Shoreline Park resident Kim Boesch said.

Sheriff Steve Garber said it was a tough and emotional nine hour search for rescue workers.

"We really didn't know what we had, if it would be a drowning, or if the kids just went off with a friend. We really didn't know if it was a kidnapping or an abduction."

Divers found the boys bodies in a canal about 15 feet from little Kyle Hingle's home.

"We really hoped the kids would drive up in a vehicle or walk up or something. Unfortunately that didn't happen," said Sheriff Garber.

"It's just so sad. How do you describe it?," said Kim Boesch.

Sheriff Garber says it was a traumatic experience for everyone involved. He plans to bring in counselors for anyone involved in the rescue and recovery operation who feel they need grief counseling.

by Al Showers