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New plans for Long Beach in 2011


By Jessica Bowman - email

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Long Beach Mayor Billy Skellie gave his annual State of the City address Thursday. He said he's happy and hopeful about the city's progress.

He bragged to the crowd about, "36 new businesses, 18 single family homes and 121 multi family units."

Just like every other city in America, Long Beach has had to deal with the tough economy. But even through adversity, and number of goals have been reached.

"We've completed our city hall complex. We've completed a great deal of paving, federal and highway paving, and bridge replacements, water and sewer replacement," Skellie said.

While many projects are complete, there are also many projects in the works for the near future.

"We're moving on. Just about to complete our fire station number two. It's a 361 building and our Town Green."

War Memorial Park and more restaurants are also on that list, and should be finished before the summer season.

"Business is very important to us. To get the businesses back, we envision Jeff Davis again having business on both sides of the road. You know, lined up. That's what it's all about."

Skellie said to help the city stay on track and keep the right developmental plan alive, they are bringing in some help.

"We're currently looking at bringing a community development person on board," said Skellie.

That person will be hired during the third quarter and will be strictly devoted to bringing in business to the city.

"The plan is working. The people have bought into it, the citizens. And I think they're enjoying it and we're excited."

Skellie also said the city received a boat infrastructure grant. So expect to see upgrades this year to the harbor.

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