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Volunteer shines spotlight on Ocean Springs disaster group


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) – A San Diego man is back on the coast using his video camera to help save the Camp Victor disaster organization in Ocean Springs.

WLOX interviewed Jeremiah Young last year about a documentary he put together to raise awareness of the post-Katrina rebuilding effort. Young raised $6,000, but he's updating his documentary to show that Camp Victor still needs more funding. 

On this breezy morning, Jeremiah Young traveled to Ocean Springs to show off one of the more than 600 homes that Camp Victor has rebuilt since Hurricane Katrina hit.

"They are a bridge to so many of the problems," Jeremiah Young said. 

But now Young, who's President and CEO of Bloom Projects International, a non-profit research analysis and media group from San Diego, said Camp Victor has just about hit a dead end. In fact, Young said Friday, Camp Victor had to shut down its construction department because supplies and funds were dwindling.

"Part of the reason why there is not money is because people don't know that these things are happening. People don't know on the other side of the country the things are happening."

Young and partner Michael Ko are now on a mission to change that. They plan to highlight Camp Victor's dedication to South Mississippi storm victims through a camera lens. 

"It will help things, and that is all I can do is help things."

Young said the documentary his team is putting together will also show vivid pictures of the need that still exists in various communities. Young plans to take this footage back to his home state of California to also rally support.

"We are trying to get more interest, and if that interest means more volunteers come in, that is cool. If that means more funds come in, that is good too. Either way it is getting someone else connected to the loop." 

Young's commitment is impressive to volunteers like Wayne Johnson. He and his team came to the coast to work with Camp Victor for a few days. 

"The camp used to be alive and full," Johnson explained. "It was the just almost eerie there this morning because we were the only ones there." 

Hopefully, Young's push will provide a fresh new start for Camp Victor. He hopes to raise at least $15,000 in the next few months. If you would like to help, call (228) 875-0313, or visit bloomprojects-intl.org to make a donation. 

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