Robber Hits And Threatens Coast Bank

Employees of Peoples Bank stood outside around 5:15 Thursday evening, still in shock of the day's scary event.

A man had walked in about three hours earlier demanding money and threatening lives.

"He came in and placed the satchel on the counter in front of the teller and told her that this was a check, and he gave her some sort of note looking thing, and on the paper it said this is a holdup and this is a bomb and I want $50,000 or something like that and if I don't get it in 10 minutes I'm going to blow the place up," said Pass Christian Police Chief John Dubuisson.

The teller gave him the money and he left the bank, slipping away without anyone getting a glimpse of his vehicle.

Law enforcement arrived on the scene, evacuating the block between Highway 90 and St. Louis Street.

Fortunately, the bomb threat was a hoax.

"What it was was two galvanized steel pipes that were attached to a blue hobby box with wires going into the ends of the pipes that went into the hobby box. So it had every appearance of being an actual device and that was inside one of those soft attache cases," said Biloxi Bomb Squad member John Campbell.

The robber is being described as a white male in his late thirties, between 5'8 and 5'10, with brown hair and pale skin. He had on a brown and white checkered shirt.

Investigators are looking into a possible connection with three similar robberies last month in Louisiana.

The first was July 5th at a Slidell drug store. The robber claimed to have a bomb and demanded drugs - oxycontin and valium, which are both painkillers.

Two days later, a robber saying he had bomb in a duffel bag, hit the Hibernia bank branch in Slidell, getting away with money.

And last Saturday, the same thing happened at a bank in Monroe, Louisiana.

The suspects in each case match the description of Thursday's robber in Pass Christian.