Ninety People Do A "Blitz" Of Volunteer Work

Hundreds of hands are pitching in to build better homes for Biloxi's elderly and low income families. Church groups from five states are spending this week volunteering with Bay Back Mission's first ever "Mission Mania Workcamping Blitz". Ninety volunteers simultaneously take on several public service projects.

When the city condemned the building, the elderly owner of the Main Street house was forced to move. On Monday, dozens of volunteers were on a mission transform the eyesore back into a home to proud of.

"Right now we're peeling linoleum off the floor and cleaning up the floor board. That way we can come back in and sweep it all up. This is the first house I've had actually had to tear down to rebuild," Volunteer James Sumner said.

"It needs a lot of work," said Erica Cratty, a volunteer. "It'll probably take a miracle to get it perfect but we're working on it."

A few scrapes weren't enough to bruise the April Lais's enthusiasm.

"I was pulling out the dirty linoleum off of the kitchen floor and there nails under there and I kind of scraped my hand up," said Lais. "I'm good. Good to go. It's not that bad."

Back Bay Mission usually gets so many calls from people wanting to volunteer over the summer that some are turned away.

"This week we're doing a blitz so we have all of these folks here and we're doing right now six different projects and the possibility that we may do three more," Volunteer director Don Morgan said.

The 90 volunteers are not only spending their "time" helping people this week. They also pay for their own transportation, food, and lodging.