Parties Prepare For Tuesday's Primary Elections

Managers from all 66 of Harrison County's voting precincts pulled up to the election commission office to find their voting equipment. The democrats went to the front door. The republicans picked up their supplies from a side door.

Everything seemed so simple, until Gene Verrett got an unwanted phone call. One of his precinct workers just quit.

"As you see me now," the democratic chairman said, "I'm trying to get the names of people that have stated they want to work. And I'm going to try to locate them and tell them we need them."

Down the hall, the republicans biggest concern on the eve of the election focused on redistricting. Newly approved maps created 14 split precincts around Harrison County. Republican chairwoman Mary Bankston expected plenty of confusing phone calls from those locations.

"Actually, the circuit clerk sent out new voter cards," Bankston said. "And if they will bring those, then it will be a lot easier for the poll workers."

At the circuit clerk's office, the phone never stopped ringing. People wanted to know if they could vote Tuesday, and where they could vote. Deputy circuit clerk Connie Ladner had some of the answers.

"They need to remember that when they go to vote tomorrow, they'll have to either choose the democrat or republican primary to vote in," she said. "They also need to remember that some of the polling places that they maybe used to go to don't exist anymore."

Click here to see if you are registered to vote in Harrison County, or to view the county's color coded voting district maps.