Biloxi Sewage Causing a Stink

Some Biloxi residents think a plan to expand a nearby sewage treatment facility stinks. They're upset that the Harrison County Wastewater Authority will soon connect homes from outside their neighborhood to a lagoon in their subdivision.

Meanwhile, Mayor A.J. Holloway said he's trying to make good on promises he made when the city annexed the people of Woolmarket.

For at least eight hours Friday, neighbors watched a steady stream of raw sewage flow into their yards. They said it's all the proof they need to prove that the Eagle Point lagoon can't handle anymore of the city's sewage.

Resident Frankie Montana said, "This river flows right into back bay and back bay flows right into the gulf so it not only affects us but it effects our ecosystem."

Montana said, "The lagoon is up to almost the top as we speak. They're gonna come in here and double the capacity of the lagoon but they're not gonna make the lagoon any bigger. This lagoon can't handle that type of capacity and why should we have to handle someone else's waste when we're in a flood area down here."

Mayor A.J. Holloway said the sewage spill was out of the city's control. Lightning hit a lift station, and his reports show the Eagle Point lagoon can handle more waste.

He said, "We've had engineers go out there and the capacity of the plant is working at about 50 percent. It can be increased by 50 percent and that's what we're doing."

Montana is urging all his neighbors to stand up against politicians who are playing with people's lives, but Holloway said he's trying to show how annexation can improve quality of life.

"We're doing an interceptor line and a collection system which will be about a million dollars to provide water and sewer to the residents of that area something we told them we were gonna be doing when we annexed. Unfortunately some people as I've always said will never be satisfied or pleased with annexation," said Holloway.

Some Eagle Point residents have been busy passing out flyers. They're encouraging people to call government representatives and go to the next Harrison County Wastewater Authority meeting. That meeting will be Thursday at 9 a.m. Since the expansion work has already begun, Montana told us he and his neighbors would consider seeking a court injunction if necessary.