Pascagoula Teens Face Felony Charges

Two teenagers are now possibly facing felony charges after vandalizing the Pascagoula Country Club. As of July first, vandals on a golf course face felony charges if the damage is more than 500 dollars.

What may have been a late night prank at a Pascagoula golf course could leave a permanent mark on two teen-agers' records.

"I got here Thursday morning around 5:30, and I noticed there was some damage," said Burt Hill, of the Pascagoula Country Club. "And I came out and found quite a bit of damage caused by a pick-up truck."

The teenage driver of the truck and his friend did not cover their tracks very well, either.

"We went out and looked at some more damage they did on the driving range," said Hill. "And we saw some tracks that they left on the golf course, and we tracked them right to their front door."

Now these teens could face felony charges. A new state law that came into effect July 1st changes malicious mischief like this from a misdemeanor to a felony.

"After July 1st 2003, any amount of damage, disfigured or otherwise, over 500 dollars, it automatically becomes a felony in the state of Mississippi," said Erin O'Flynn, of the Pascagoula Police.

Since the Pascagoula Country Club says this damage will be at least five thousand dollars, the teens' punishment could be very severe.

"A lot of these kids out here, they think it's funny or it's a game. It's not a game anymore, and 17 years and older as a felony can be treated as an adult," said O'Flynn.

All the teens can do now is wait to see if the Pascagoula Country Club Board of Supervisors will press charges.

The Board will meet Monday night to decide if they will press charges on the two teens.