Coast Kids Celebrate 'Kids Day'

Six-year-old Grace Munro knows the secret lies in the hips for an authentic hula dance.

"Well, I just went to Hawaii and my mommy and my papa went there with us and my aunt Jeannie, it was her birthday and this lady she just showed us and we were like oh my gosh oh my gosh," said Munro.

Grace joined hundreds of kids simply having fun at the Keesler Air Force Base Girls and Boys Club for the 4th annual National Kids Day Luau, complete with games, prizes, Polynesian food, and most importantly, quality time with mom and dad.

"It's a day set aside for children, such as mother's day and father's day, for parents to spend quality time with their kids. We try to do it in a fun atmosphere with games and activities so that it can be a whole family involvement," said Keesler Air Force Base Youth Center Director.

Bernadette Harvey definitely appreciates any extra time to spend with her 10-year-old daughter Jazmine.

"I work a full time job then I'm a full time mom at home you know and dad sometimes 'cause dad's not there all the time, so it' very hard, but we try to do things on Saturday's and Sunday. You know, we like shopping and we like 'Lifetime'," said Harvey.

And even a little quality time can have big pay-off's.

A research study sponsored by the national Boys and Girls Clubs as well as KidsPeace says spending meaningful time with kids boost their self-confidence and esteem, with the final result being healthy, productive, and caring human beings.

With that type of outcome and a few more kids' day celebrations, the future looks a bit brighter for Coast kids.