Kids See Coast For First Time

Many people probably take a summer vacation every year. But not every family has that luxury. Going on a trip is something some children just dream about. Well, that dream came true Saturday for several kids who have never even been to the coast.

Angela Averett clapped with excitement as a sea lion performed stunts she'd never seen before. This was the 9-year-old's first visit to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and her first summer vacation. She couldn't wait to get here.

She said, "I was so excited that I almost left my book sack with all of my lunch and stuff. I had a good time, all the way from Columbia to Gulfport, I had a good time."

Children from housing complexes in Pearl River County and Lamar County were also on the trip.

Daniel Loper said, "I was playing with the dolphins, hitting the balls, and throwing them back at them. Then we came to see the show with the dolphins and the sea lions. This is the first time I've ever seen dolphins."

Donations from area businesses and people in the community paid for the trip. It was an outing nobody took for granted.

Emma Averett with Dan Stepney Homes said, "Their mama and daddy don't really have the finances to help them come down. They just couldn't wait to get here. They were just balling over, with joy."

And the kids weren't the only ones who had a good time.

Mark Rayford said, "We all get together, try to plan events, and stuff like that. And so, everybody got together and came to Marine Life. It's my first time to ever be here, and I'm enjoying myself."

Little Angela Averett had only one regret--that everyone in the housing complex couldn't come.

"The other people couldn't make it today, I wish they could make it, to see how fun it was to be here."