Biloxi Officers Gain Top Honors

Officers Lance Chisum and Kenneth Thomas were the centers of attention in the municipal courtroom at the Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center.

They were each awarded the prestigious Medal of Valor before a room filled with family and friends, and they definitely deserved it.

On the evening of February 23rd, officers responded to a domestic dispute at the Cedar Lake Trailer Park where an armed young man held his wife and two young children hostage.

The man began to randomly shoot at police officers outside of the trailer.

Officers arrested the shooter, but two of their fellow officers had been wounded.

On Friday, the police department as well as city officials gathered to say "thank you."

"I was very surprised, but it's great. It's a nice honor," said Officer Kenneth Thomas.

Both officers say they were simply doing their jobs, and if necessary, they would gladly do it again if it means saving lives.

"Encouraged me if nothing else. There are still other families out there that need us you know. I'm still going to be here doing the same job that I was doing for the last five years for the city of Biloxi and for the property of Biloxi, and I'll be here until I retire," said Officer Lance Chisum.

"I'm very proud of him. I mean I'm glad for everyone to know what I know of him . That he's brave and that he's out there everyday risking his life. I knew that at home," said Chisum's wife Donna.

And now, we all know of the two brave men who fought to protect a mother and her children.

The officers continue to work with the Biloxi Police Department. Officer Lance Chisum is working in investigations, and Officer Kenneth Thomas remains a patrolman first class.