Streets Of Speed - Biloxi/Ocean Springs Bridge

Mike Ulrich has worked on the Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge as a bridge tender for three years. He asked if we could help put an end to the recklessness he witnesses almost daily. So far this year there have been more than a dozen accidents on the Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge. Three were fatal.

Mike Ulrich followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a bridge tender for MDOT. He says he absolutely loves his job except for one thing.

"The thing that bothers me the most is all the speeding and the accidents I've seen while working on my job. I believe I saw three accidents the first week when I was training."

When asked how fast he thinks cars are traveling, Ulrich says, "I really couldn't tell you, but... people fly across this bridge."

The "Speed Zapper" will tell us how fast cars are going. Remember this bridge has no emergency lanes and the posted speed limit is 45. We clocked 47 cars and one motorcycle. All but four were speeding. We even clocked some cars going as fast as 70. One man on a motorcycle was going 75 mph.

It was too dangerous to try and stop any of these vehicles. But, we were convinced quickly that speeding is a serious problem on the bridge from Biloxi to Ocean Springs.

Mike Ulrich has a bird's eye view of the devastation and loss of life that often involves speeding. He and MDOT would like to ask you to please slow down and make it home alive.

"I'm the bridge tender up here, and I sure don't like seeing speeders, or people going to the hospital or to a funeral home."