Bay/Waveland Annexation Battle

The two cities in Hancock County will have to battle it out in court if either are to get bigger. Bay St. Louis and Waveland each want to annex parts of Hancock County. The trouble is both cities want some of the same areas.

Bay leaders unveiled a plan last month to annex to the North West. Encompassing the area between the Jourdan River and Highway 603. But Waveland wants the Highway 603 area as well along with the I-10 603 interchange. Leaders in both cities see annexation as key to their futures. Danny White has owned an auto repair shop and towing service on the East side of Highway 603 for 8 years.. His business sits on unincorporated land Bay St. Louis and Waveland city leaders all want to become a part of their cities.

Danny White says thanks, but no thanks. " If I had my rather I'd rather just leave things alone. Let the County take care of us like they always have." His wish is not likely to come true, last week Waveland city leaders beat Bay St. Louis to the punch in filing court papers to increase the city's land size by a third. " The timing of it was some what of a surprise." Said Bobby Parker Bay St. Louis' Director of Administrations. Parker says Bay leaders were surprised because they had been negotiating with Waveland leaders to come up with a compromise that would all both cities to grow. But Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo says the Bay plan is no compromise at all.... and it shuts out his city's natural path of growth. " It's way to important to the overall future of our children and grandchildren that the right decision is made in this annexation issue so we needed to be in some what of control of our own destiny that's why we went ahead and filed."

The question is will petitioning the court first give any city an advantage. Bay leaders say they passed a resolution of intent to annex first. Bobby Parker told WLOX NEWS, "According to our attorney's that's the controlling factor that puts us in a stronger position of course their attorneys are disputing that." One thing not up for debate, is that they'll all end up in court to get answer. It's not likely the Bay St. Louis-Waveland annexation battle will be resolved quickly.

It took years for Gulfport to get the okay to annex Orange Grove , and Biloxi battled to annex Woolmarket. And currently Ocean Springs and D'Iberville are still at odds over the St. Martin community.