Biloxi Ends Debate Over High Rise Heights

Councilmembers voted to accept Keesler's 110-foot height request after the planning commission recommended the city do so. But, what the new ordinance does not do is grandfather or exempt from the height restriction the Sea Breeze condos, a proposed condo development at the old Taurus restaurant site and Treasure Bay's expansion plans. Those projects exceed the limit and today's vote means they have to start all over again on their plans. Ward 6 Councilman Tom Wall says, "The ordinance we had today killed that waiver for those three projects. Oh, they're gonna sue us, yeah it's gonna cost us some money in my opinion. I'm not a lawyer but I've been told by a lot of lawyers it's gonna cost us some money."

Treasure Bay CEO Bernie Burkholder says he's disappointed. "I think today a bad decision was made with bad information and hopefully good information will be provided and there'll be an opportunity to reconsider," he says.

Britt Singletary, the Biloxi attorney representing the proposed developments, says his recommendation to his clients will be to sue the city.