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USAA defends changes in coastal wind coverage

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Thursday, WLOX News introduced you to Larry Jones. The Biloxi man has been a customer of USAA Insurance for 47 years, and was shocked to find out this week that he's losing his wind and hail coverage.

The insurer is dropping wind coverage for about 1,550 policy holders in the three coastal counties of Mississippi. Friday, USAA offered some insight into why they decided to take this action.

In a statement to WLOX News, USAA's public communications representative Paul Berry said, "Yes, other companies have taken this type of action, but USAA is doing something much different.

While there are some residents, like Mr. Jones, who live in parts of Jackson, Harrison, and Hancock counties where the risk is so high that we can no longer provide wind and hail coverage, there are many other residents of these counties, who previously could not receive wind and hail coverage, that will now be eligible for this coverage from USAA.

Additionally, unlike many other companies, USAA is still providing homeowners coverage to all residents of Mississippi, most of which will now be eligible for wind and hail coverage."

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