Boys And Girls Club Holds 12th Steak And Steak Event

Kewanna Daniels personifies everything good about the Boys and Girls Club. "I've grown so much through the Boys and Girls Club," the youth of the year said. "I've become a leader."

A young Daniels once had to beg the Forest Heights unit to let her in, because she was too young to join. A dozen years later, she's not only the coast's youth of the year, she also won state and regional honors. "I would say the Boys and Girls Club is a family outside a family," said Daniels. "You gain friends and family. And you meet people that will help you no matter what."

Take Antonio and Davonte. Antonio is 18. Davonte is 9. Antonio's wrestling with college scholarship possibilities. Davonte's worried about going back to Gorenflo Elementary.

Yet there they were, playfully wrestling while they waited for the Steak and Steak talent show rehearsal to resume. The senior and the fourth grader became friends, because of the time they've spent in the Lunday's unit. "He's like a big brother to me," said Davonte.

Later that night, stage lights would shine on some of the Boys and Girls Club's rising stars. The Steak and Steak dinner performers showcased a lesson the youth of the year learned when she was six. "Go for it. Challenge yourself," said Daniels. "Achieve those goals. And look back and say hey, I did that with the help of the Boys and Girls Club."