Lucedale Church Waits for Insurance Money

Just four weeks ago, we brought you the story of the Lucedale church that caught on fire in the middle of the night. While church members say the building was insured, they may not get any money for a while.

Church Members at Straightway church in Lucedale are still asking why. Why did their church catch fire? And why aren't they going to be able to get any insurance money for a while?

"We just waiting to see what they find out," said Joe McKissick, the pastor of Straightway Church. Rev. McKissick is waiting on the Arson Investigators in Biloxi to see if the fire was accidental or if the fire was arson. But fire investigators said the results telling how the fire started could take another month. That's because debris from the fire has to be sent to Jackson for testing.

For now, the church has taken out a ten-thousand dollar loan and used some saved money to rebuild a temporary church.

"This money that we used here was money that we've been saving," said McKissick. "We were going to do an addition on our church."

But for now, they can't even finish the temporary church because they just don't have the funds.

"We've gone this far with it, and I told them we're gonna have to slack up a little bit now until some more money comes in," said McKissick.

Church members said despite the recent obstacles they've had to face, they're just happy they could meet to worship after the fire.

"We had a real good service last night, this morning, and looking for a real good service tonight," said McKissick.

Arson Investigators say the investigation should be completed in the next few months.