NOMADS rebuild lives, homes in Jackson County

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - By Patrice Clark – bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The sound of progress can be heard on Meridian Street in Moss Point. Volunteers with the NOMADS on a Mission Active in Divine Service are building a brand new home. The volunteers came to Jackson County from all across the country to give hope and help to storm victims.

The house is for Dorothy Rudolph, who lost her old house to Hurricane Katrina. Monday, she got a peek at her new place.

"Oh Jesus, that was exciting there," Rudolph said. "Oh yes, I really, really feel good about it."

Marley Walker is overseeing the build. Like many in the group, he's retired. The NOMADS travel across the country dedicating their time and talents to dozens of disaster recovery projects.

"Katrina is definitely the worst storm, or disaster, we have ever experienced. It is just unbelievable the devastation that it did to this area. It is sad," Walker said.

The sadness that's lingered for more than five years is slowly fading with each nail hammered and brush stroke of paint on Dorothy Rudolph's new house.

"It's a great for our teams to walk out of the house, know that is a good job, and that it is ready for people to move in to."

The NOMADS said the volunteer base is dwindling on the coast, but they are committed to continuing their mission. They say there are still a lot Katrina victims who have not moved back home.

"I tell each one of the team members that we are building lives as well as homes," Walker said. "This home is part of that life, and these people are still working hard to get their lives back. If they can't have it back the way they had it before, we are hoping we can give them something even a little better."

The NOMADS are working with the Mississippi United Methodist Disaster Response Team. Walker said he's currently working to bring more NOMADS to the coast to help rebuild homes this year.

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