Sewage Spill Causing a Stink

The Johnsons haven't been able to step foot in their yard for the past week. A sewage pipe exploded in their front yard Monday night, and the city of Moss Point busted another sewage pipe while trying to fix the problem the next day.

"They came back Tuesday morning and finished fixing that pipe and ended up breaking another one so that much more ran out my yard," said Jeff Johnson.

The sewage has been baking in the sun since then. Johnson said the smell is unbearable.

"I mean you can't walk outside without just wanting to throw up," he said.

The Johnsons said the sewage smell is not the biggest problem. They're worried about the safety of their children even going into the yard.

"I've got a 6-year-old and 4-year-old, and they're dying to get out here and ride their bicycles and play on the swing set and it has completely surrounded their swing set," said Johnson.

The city has come to put lime in the yard, but Johnson says that isn't enough.

"All the lime is for, is to knock down on the smell and just basically cover it up."

But the yard is still wet from the mess and Johnson said it's not his responsibility to clean it up.

"It's the city sewage. It's the city's mess. The city needs to clean it up," he said.

The city has not set any definite timeline for when they will get the raw sewage out of Johnson's yard.

He's contacted the Department of Environmental Quality. They said the city hasn't reported the spill. The Public Works Department for the city was contacted, but declined to comment