Gas price hikes starting to hurt

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - By Doug Walker – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's a sign of the times.  3 dollars a gallon and rising when you reach to fill up.  It's a price that affects everyone, from the older like  Robert Burriss.  "Right now, with the gas prices that are going up so high for me it means staying home more, not being able to get out and do the things that we used to do, go on vacation and so forth." Burriss said.  "It's just cutting it too much."

The younger are affected as well.  Charlsie Murphy is a college student. "Since I drive back and forth from Oxford, Mississippi it kind of really cuts down on the money that I could be using elsewhere."

Think of it as the new sticker shock.  It could mean a boost for mass transit in the coming years.  John Baker says it's something to consider.   "It's definitely going to make me not drive as much." Baker said.  "I'll have to watch just driving around on the weekends or whatever.

For people on a limited income, like Supermia Shannon, the price hikes are painful.  "They need to work on the minimum wage if they're going to raise the gas prices to five dollars, they need to do something with the minimum wage because that's what I make."

The laws of economics come into play as well. More money spent on gas means one thing.  So says Phil Dyson.  "Spending a whole lot less on other things." Dyson said.  I've got to cut back."

But others, like Robert Clark, are resigned to this new reality, despite the personal pain that's inflicted at the gas pump.  "It will affect me." Clark said.  "You just got to cut back on other things because it's definitely a necessity to pay for it."

Some industry analysts say gas could reach as much as five dollars a gallon in the next two years.  The growing Chinese economy and the weakening U.S. dollar are partially to blame, according to the experts.

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