Sheriff: Hit man told victim, 'We're here to kill you,' but doesn't

Adam Ray Dunn (Photo source: Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Adam Ray Dunn (Photo source: Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It sounds like a Hollywood movie script, but Jackson County sheriff's deputies are investigating a real life murder for hire. Deputies allege Adam Ray Dunn, 30, wanted his ex-wife dead so badly that he paid someone thousands of dollars to kill her. Authorities say what Dunn didn't count on was the hit man not following the script.

Jackson County investigators say a woman living in Gulf Park Estates opened her door on Tuesday and stood face to face with a person sent to murder her.

"The person went to the house, knocked on the door, and told the victim that they were there to kill her, but they're not going to do it," said Sheriff Mike Byrd.

Authorities say they've charged the woman's ex husband, Adam Dunn, with attempted capital murder for allegedly paying to have her executed.

"It was an undetermined amount of money," Sheriff Byrd said. "At this point we're not going to release that, but it was in the thousands of dollars. Let me just say that, more than $10,000."

Dunn lives in Harrison County where for the past two weeks he has been out on bond for allegedly raping and kidnapping his ex-wife. Jackson County investigators say they believe those charges are his motive for wanting her dead.

"Had offered the victim, his ex-wife, a monetary amount to drop the charges. She would not drop the charges,"said Sheriff Byrd. "That's when he contacted this person to kill his ex-wife. We do not believe that this person was going to follow through with this. They are the one that notified us, so we're going to look into this completely."

As of now, Dunn has not been taking into custody.

"When Mr. Dunn found out this did not happen, that's when we believe he tried to overdose and kill himself," the sheriff said. "Now he is in a hospital at this time. As soon as he recuperates or if he recuperates, we're going to place him into custody and take him to the Adult Detention Center."

Investigators believe others are involved in the murder plot conspiracy and more arrests will be coming. Sheriff Mike Byrd told us, at this point, it doesn't appear the alleged hit man will be charged with a crime.

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